Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New York Fashion Week AW 2012

Love hats - I don't think I can even name one style that I don't like (although absolutely adore is another matter all together). Mmmmm okay, maybe not such a fan of that Balenciaga visor hat (although I am sure it would look completely brilliant in an editorial) but at least it would keep the sun firmly off the back of your neck ;)

And what could be better than a feather-topped chapeau?!

Recreate the look (kind of):

Forever 21 feathered wool fedora (in navy) or Rag & Bone classic fedora in navy (just add your own jaunty feather).

ASOS long cream scarf  or Splendid cable knit scarf

Marc Jacobs Stam satchel (in petal - the perfect palest pink for Spring)